Crafty Devil Brewing Company

Devilishly good ales and craft beers brewed in the heart of South Wales

The devil makes work for idle hands. And luckily for you the co-founders of the Crafty Devil Brewing Company have put their sedentary digits to work on some fiendishly good ales.

Purposely brewing small select batches from specially selected American style hops, our devilishly sophisticated blends can afford to be a little more experimental and complex in their taste delivery.

So if you're looking for an introduction to some lovingly hand brewed, craft beer from Cardiff, South Wales, why not explore our signature range of ales?

Ale House Rock
We don't call this the King of Ales for no reason. Ale House Rock is a hip shaking, pelvis thrusting hunk o' burning Pale Ale love in a bottle! Made from all American hops with an infusion of Rock N Roll, it's another triumph from those evil geniuses at the Crafty Devil Brewing Co. Best drank cold listening to Little Richard's Long Tall Sally.

I am the Resurrection
A long time a shed not so far away this beer was born. Named Triple AAA, it was the favourite son of the Crafty Devil Brewing Co. Living a good beer's life gracing the bars and bottle shops of Cardiff and beyond before tragedy struck...the Mosaic hops ran out and the beer was lost! Then a hoppy miracle happened! The beer as I AM THE RESURRECTION Hoppy Amber Ale! Praise the beery lords! waiting to ignite your taste buds! A dastardly combination of American hops on top of blended malts, another great ale from the demented demons at the Crafty Devil Brewing Co. Best drank cold singing, dancing, and rejoicing while listening to I am the Resurrection by The Stone Roses.

Mikey Rayer
Going on a Mikey Rayer?! Then Crafty Devil Brewing have got the beer for you! Mikey Rayer Pale Ale is low in alcohol but hopped to hell and back by the demented demons at the Crafty Devil Brewing Co. To be drank cold while remembering Mikey Rayer versus Scotland in 1994. Two tries in the mud on the old Arms Park. Legend!

Devil Man
In the delta of the Cardiff Taff river they say that if an aspiring brewer waited by the side of a deserted country crossroads in the dark of a moonless night, that satan himself might come and bestow the secrets of brewing, sealing a pact for the young brewers soul and guaranteeing a lifetime of great beer, easy women, money and fameā€¦ and so the Crafty Devil Brewing Co was born. Devil Man IPA is a hoppy, bitter homage to that fateful night. To be drank cold while listening to Devil Man by the Blues Pills.



Our ales shoot to thrill

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